King Smoked Fish

Company History

The King Smoked Fish Company was founded in July of 2007, to carry forward and manufacture smoked fish and seafood products, as a wholesale and retail company. The founder, Ron Panice, was joined by his two sons, Russell and Brock Panice, followed by his nephew Martin Menchacca and brother / anchor Rich Panice. It has been with the sole contributions of these team members, who have invested both labor and finance, to ultimately create, design, engineer and build the

“King Smoked Fish Company”

King Smoked Fish Company's Mission Statement

Our direct mission is to produce a safe quality seafood (SQF) in a well manicured “Pristine Operation”, that produces wonderful flavors, textures, colors and aromas, like no other in the market! It is with the utmost priority to produce the best available smoked seafood products in the marketplace today! With our global experience in product development and a passion for excellence in sanitation practices, we are able to achieve this goal. The conclusion of our mission is to deliver to you our customers, a trusted, well branded, superior product, at a reasonable and “fair market price”.

We process, produce, and package seafood of the highest quality, and we invite you to come and see our craft at our plant in Clearwater, FL, to join in partnership for bringing the best possible seafood products to market! We put quality over profit, and deliver a superior product. This is our Mission!!